Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need to log in or subscribe to enjoy the Daf Hachaim user experience? 

    No, you don't need to register or log-in, you can just get started by clicking on "Go to Daf". Logging-in does give you some benefits though, like being able to customize your pointer or save your place with our bookmark tool and hold that place across multiple computers, tablets and phones.

  2. I'm having some trouble with the new site. Can you help?

    Welcome to the new Daf Hachaim website! If you are signing in to the new site for the first time, you may need to clear your browser data. To do this in Chrome: Click on the 3 horizontal lines at the top right hand of your browser. Choose "Tools" and "Clear browsing data". Then check off the "Empty the cache" option. Once this is done click on the "Clear browsing data" button at the bottom. You'll have to go open a new tab in Chrome and type in as you normally would. Enjoy our new site!

  3. What does Daf Hachaim cost? 

    Absolutely nothing! Daf Hachaim is a unique learning tool offered free of charge to its users.

  4. Can I download Shiurim, Intros or Reviews? 

    Yes! Both video and audio files are available for download for free through the website. Select the daf you'd like to download and click on the "Download" tab at the top of the page. Choose a format you'd like to download, we currently have video, audio and printable files available.

  5. Can I download Shiurim as Podcasts? 

    Yes you can! For each daf there's a download tab at the top of the page. Click on this tab, and you'll find the Podcast option.

  6. How can I print out the Daf Hachaim Reviews? 

    Daf Hachaim's newest feature now allows you to download and print out a PDF file of the Review. Go to the daf you'd like to download and click on the "Download" tab at the top of the page. Choose either a color or black and white version of the review to download. Once the file is downloaded you can print it out for review.

  7. How can I access Daf Hachaim from my Android, iPhone or other mobile device? 

    Daf Hachaim is currently available on PC as well as iPad. We'll be releasing our Android version very soon, followed by an iPhone app. If you'd like to help us out by beta testing our new releases, please email us at our help desk by clicking on the Contact/Help link on our homepage.

  8. How can I get Daf Hachaim on my iPad? 

    Our Daf Hachaim app is now available free of charge on any Apple iPad. To download our app, go to the "App Store" on your iPad and search for "Daf Hachaim". Download the app, and once it's complete, click on the icon to access a phenomenal Daf Hachaim learning experience!

  9. How do I access a downloaded daf on my iPad?

    To play your downloads, just go to the Daf as you would if you were connected to the Internet. Your downloaded Daf will play directly from your iPad. 

    If you are getting an error message when you try to play downloaded dapim offline  you need to install our newest Daf Hachaim update. To do this go to your "App Store" on your iPad and select "Updates". Download your Daf Hachaim update.   

    As of now, there is no way to delete the dapim without deleting the whole app and then re-installing it.

    Our next app update will include a Download Manager tool, to help better download, access, store and delete your Daf Hachaim files.

  10. Why doesn't the sound work on my iPad for the Daf Hachaim app? 

    A small number of our users have reported no audio on the app. This seems to be an internal Apple issue. If you cannot hear the sound on our app, luckily there's an easy fix!

    Go to your Settings, and chose "General". Switch from "lock rotation" to "mute". Slide the switch to the non-muted position. You can now switch back to "lock rotation" and your app will play sound from the internal speakers again.

  11. Are there any other language options available for Daf Hachaim?

    We've had many requests to bring you other language options including Yiddish and Hebrew. This is a feature that we hope to bring to you in upcoming versions of Daf Hachaim.

  12. Is Daf Hachaim available on DVD? 

    It will be, very soon. We're working to bring you Daf Hachaim on DVD shortly.

  13. How can I dedicate a Daf?

    Please email with any questions or donation requests.

  14. How can I help? Can I make a donation?

    Daf Hachaim is free to its users and depends on donations and dedications! You can click on the "Support Daf Hachaim" link to go to our Donations and Dedications page. If you'd like to make a major sponsorship, you can email us at:

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